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As a runner, I was very discouraged when I tore three ligaments in my ankle. After an unsuccessful three-month treatment schedule at another physical therapy clinic, I decided to try AllCare. My therapist was highly skilled, incredibly caring and an athlete himself. I'm back to running three miles a day and couldn't be happier.
Linda W.

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I always appreciate the special care I receive at your clinic. This last time I came I was treated by Virginia and she did an excellent job. All of your staff is so warm and caring that I feel like part of the "family." 
Terri M.

I have been a patient at AllCare two times for physical therapy after knee replacement surgery. I requested AllCare the first time, as I heard about their special, professional care.

From my first experience with the caring therapists, I requested AllCare the second time. The therapists are very focused on the programs they design for each patient and the staff is friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere makes for a comfortable, healing experience. I highly recommend AllCare!
Sandra P.

In my quest to admire what is fine in others and make my admiration known, I write you. I am very aware that human hearts are ever hungry for encouragement and so it is in this light that I write as well. I would like to tell you that the treatment I received at AllCare by Gary Marcellus PT, was excellent. I was welcomed with professional manners and the best therapy one could get. I found Gary to be very knowledgeable and very professional.

Tammy, his front desk receptionist, also greeted me with the utmost of care. Pecos is lucky to have found such people to follow up on what the Pecos Medical Clinic is all about. Thanks to Dr. Johnson for recommending me to try the new doctor in town. I pray that other people experience this great gift that is being given to us in the community of Pecos.

I also wish to tell all of you at the clinic that your efforts have impact on others and that we don't get to tell all of you what great people you all are and how hard you all try to get us the medical help we need. As an elderly person I find it much more pleasant to drive to Pecos for my medical needs and so thank you again for the service you all are providing for us.

I send you God's blessings and do keep up the good work. Dr. Gary Marcellus will be a big resource to the clinic and community in general. Hope we keep him for a long time.
Lorain V.

Thanks so much for your excellent care and expertise. Denise, you in parti
cular gave me tremendous personalized care and I am grateful for your dedication. I made much progess and believe I wouldn't be where I am today without your help. 

Last week I finished my latest round of physical therapy. This is the third time (at least) that I have come to your organization for help. Again, the results were excellent. My problem this time was general weakness and poor balance. The therapist who treated me quickly assed my main problem as lack of core muscle/tone strength. The improvement was measurable. Between sessions 11 and 12, I did a hike of eight miles and 2000 feet altitude gain. Last week I did another hike of 10 miles and 3000 feet of altitude with no problem. I can clearly see/feel the change in my stride and balance. So again, thanks for your help and to Denise, an excellent therapist.
Bob M.